Simple Questions that can be easily ask.


English to Patois Intermidiate.


1.What is your name?

2.Hey, Whats up?

3.What's going on here?

4.Why do you talk so much?

5.What are you doing here?

6.Where do you live?

7.How are you doing?

8.Where are you going?

9.Where are you?

10.How old are you?

11.Where do you work?

12.Where can i find?

13.Where are you from?

14.Do you know me?

15.Which color is this?

16.Which animal is that?

17.What is that?

18.How do you feel?

19.Are you hungry?

20.I am hungry?

21.Can i come with you?

22.Am i your girl?

23.Am i your man?

24.Is this yours?

25.Where is your father?

26.Where is your mother?

27.Where is the bathroom?

28.Why areyou so dirty?

29.What are you buying?

30.Does it hurt?

31.Are you ok?

32.Do you have any children?

33.What’s your good luck charm?

34.Are you a leader?

35.Are you a follower?

36.Do you smile for pictures?

37.Which parish are you from?

38.What is your favorite smell?

39.What was your most recent lie?

40.What’s your cure for hiccups?

41.What’s the funniest joke you know by heart?

42.What happen to you yesterday?

43.Why whould you say that to your brother or sister?


Weh yuh nayme?

Waah Gwaan?

Waah Gwaan yah soh?

how yuh chat soh?

Weh yaa doh yah?

Weh yuh liv?

Weh yah deal wid?

Weh yah guh?

Weh yuh deh?

Yah how Moch?

Weh yuh wuk?

Weh mi can fyne?

Weh yuh fram?

Yuh kno mi?

Wat colla dis?

Wa kyne a animal dat?

Wa dat?

How yuh feel?

Yuh hungri?

Mi hungri?

Mi cyan cum?

Mi a yuh gyal?

Mi a yuh man?

A fi yuh dis?

Weh yuh fada deh?

Weh yuh mada deh?

Weh di bathroom deh?

How yuh suh duty?

Weh yah by?

it hat?

Yow, yuh gud?

Yuh av nuh pickney?

Wah yuh use fi luk?

Yaa leada?

Yaa falara?

Yuh Smile inna picha?

Which parish yuh cum fram?

Wah a yuh favaret smel?

Wen lass yuh tel lye?

how yuh get ridda hik ups?

Wah a di funnyes joke yuh knoh by awwt?

Wah did doh yuh yesi deh?

Why yuh seh dat to yuh bredda or sista?