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1.Bumbo Definition

2.Nasty rass Definition

3.Blouse and Skirt Definition

4.Kiss mi rass Definition

5.Wah di rass Definition

6.Bumbo rass clath Definition

7.Rass hole Definition

8.Pussy hole Definition

9.Blurt neet Definition

9.Chi chi man Definition

10.Suck yuh mada Definition

11.Suck out yuh mada Definition

12. Batty bway Definition

13.Blood cleet Definition

14.Raas claat Definition

15.Bumbo hole Definition

16.Raas Definition

17.Rhaatid Definition

18.Batty hole Definition

19.Blow Wow Definition

20.Pussy hole Definition

21.Fuckery Definition

22.Back side Definition

23.Blood claat Definition

24.Pussy claat Definition

25.Nyam Crachis Bwoy Definition

26.Suck Cocky Gyal Definition

27.Suck Hood GyalDefinition

28.Suck Pussy BwoyDefinition

29.Guh Nyam Out Yuh MummaDefinition

30.Suck Out Yuh Mada Batty BwoyDefinition